Tap to accept transaction

Hi, I’m trying to accept a transaction but there’s no screen to accept it. When topping up my revolut card I keep getting this notification to “tap to accept or reject transaction” but I click on that notification and there’s no screen to accept it. It just shows the normal screen for when you open the app

I’ve had that occasionally and also it sometimes says the notification has expired. In that situation I just tend to click on the ‘send SMS’ option instead on the checkout screen and that seems to work fine.

I didn’t have that option but after several times, I found that the workaround is to open the app before you click on the notification. You need to click when the app is opened :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway

Interesting - it works for me whether the app is already open or not. Glad you got it working though!

For me it also never works if the app is closed. Always have to open the app first before clicking on the tap to confirm notification.

I got the same problem since long time ago, the app authentication never worked for me, tap the notification the app opens but there’s nothing for me to accept/reject, I have to get the code via email or sms

Did you try to open the app first, before clicking on the notification to confirm payment?

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