Temporary issue with transaction authorisations Mon 9th Sept 2019 (was Any known systems issues today?)

I’ve notice Curve notifications are taking a while to show up today. I’ve also had a few payments that have declined at the time but have then subsequently shown up in my Curve app - presumably these pending transactions will drop off in a few days but it looks like approvals aren’t going back to the merchant quickly enough and they’re dropping the transaction??

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We’re currently experiencing an issue which is affecting transaction authorisations. Our payment partners are working to resolve this as soon as possible!

I’ve had a payment go through and got an auth code, but it’s not showing in my Curve app, or showing up as being charged to my Monzo card. The payment went through though? Do you know if it’s in a queue to be charged back to my Monzo card?

Ah OK, thanks - could an alert perhaps be sent out to users re this?

I already received an email regarding this at 14.10u CET. This is because I subscribed to Curve, Ltd.'s service status notifications. I would recommend all other Curve users to subscribe to this service too. This can be done here.

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This is ridiculous. Same issue again

I am now going to change my usage of Curve on the back of this. It wastes my time too much

That’s strange. I’m subscribed to updates via text message, but haven’t received anything. I just tried to subscribe to make sure I had, and it wouldn’t let me as I’d already subscribed. Maybe they sent emails but not text messages? :man_shrugging:

Also got hit by this outage. Transaction was declined. Immediately after I checked Curve status website, but there was nothing there at that time.
Wrote to support.
They answered and soon after I got push notification about issue.

Ongoing issue - further update today:

Some customers may be experiencing declines

New incident: Investigating

We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with processing transactions, meaning some customers may experience a decline when attempting to make a payment. We understand that this is frustrating and we’re sorry about the inconvenience.

We will let you know as soon as the issue has been fixed. We recommend that you carry a backup card during this time.

Time posted

Sep 11, 11:51 UTC


Between 12:31 to 13:26 UTC, we experienced a disruption to our service, which caused some of our customers to receive declines when making payments. This issue has now been fixed and transactions are being processed as normal. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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