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Whilst the ever revolving question of Curve black Vs Curve black legacy is ongoing, I thought I’d compare terms and conditions of now Vs then.

So I went to my emails to get the terms from when I signed up, but… You guessed it, I was never sent any, so I looked on the website for old revisions, and… There aren’t any… So I messaged in the support section of the app and asked for a pdf copy of my terms, and was told…

“Unfortunately, we do not have a PDF copy of the Terms and Conditions that were in place on the 29th November 2018.”

I should maybe have been online and downloaded terms when I got the card, but I didn’t!!

So, does anyone have a copy of terms and conditions they can post here for around the end of November?

Thank you in advance!

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If they don’t have a copy of the terms binding you aren’t they able to make up terms as they go?

I would complain that they don’t have any terms available for you to refresh yourself on.

In our country this would be a great fit for the inspection.

We ought to be able to retrieve the Terms for that point in time. Please do reach out again and let them know.

@Curve_Marie, I have reached out, apparently the person dealing with my support request is Weronika, maybe you could assist her?

Hey @Curvemoney, I’m chasing this up and should hopefully get back to you on Monday with the Terms. Watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Curve_Herman @Curve_Marie no update via support yet, only a holding message, to which I responded to. Are either of you able to advise a timeline for my support request, or help in any way?

Customer Support will be the ones who can follow up with you on your request.

Dear everyone,

I am reaching out again in this thread as I have not received an update from support and am wondering if anyone on the forum has a copy of the terms and conditions from around the 29th November 2018?

@Curve_Marie @Curve_Herman maybe you have a copy you can share?

Many thanks to all in advance

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Hey @Curvemoney, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

As we can’t upload PDFs on here, I’d be happy to send it to you via email. Send me a DM with your email address and I can get that to you :grin:

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