Terms of Service late notice of changes

Hi, was everyone clearly notified 2 months ahead of this snafu? I was not, and currently in the process of convincing Curve how this update destroyed basic trust. Not sure they are getting it, which makes me wonder if it’s time to walk away. Copy pasted from ToS below:

  • 27.2. Changes to this Agreement
    • 27.2.1. We may at any time change the terms of the Agreement (including without limitation changing the existing fees or introducing new fees) by providing you with two months’ notice by email on your primary email address or by sending you an in-app notification. These changes will be deemed to have been accepted by you where you do not, before the proposed date of the entry into force of the changes, notify us to the contrary. If you do not accept the changes, you are entitled to close your Account before any change comes into force by notifying us of them same by emailing us atsupport@curve.app
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I love it when people suddenly become expert solicitors online just because they have read the terms of service. It’s grand that you’ve picked that out and informed us of this, but it’s not like Curve was the one that suddenly pulled the plug on Amex. Cut them some slack.

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At least I got an email on 28 January, that clearly stated I have until 29. March to terminate the agreement if I’m not happy with the changes.
If you joined any beta programs (“open beta”), then you probably also agreed to new set of T&C, with mutual agreement effective immediately.

@Kiroziki Why don’t you get a copy of an Amex UK merchant agreement and read the termination conditions?

I don’t care about amex as I don’t use it, that said I think their handling of the amex situation is acceptable and fine. This is about the new subscription model and a forced trial period I am subject to as a Legacy Black user. I care when a service closely linked to my money and data cannot stick to their word. As users we are in a limbo because this was unannounced, meaning the old ToS could still be active for another 2 months in legal terms. I am only looking for clarity. Since when reading ToS is a subject of ridicule? You should read it too.

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Email I received is clear as mud. It says they “have updated” and “changes come into effect immediately” (present tense) which is already contradictory to the “2 months’ notice” in the ToS. Then at the end of the email they state I have to right to withdraw by end of March? So is it effective or not? What are they playing at?

Ironically on the same day as the Curve ToS update I received the message below from Airbnb, although I can’t say I like their services, the way they are handling change is simple and flawless.

Our community and vision for travel have grown significantly, so we’re updating our Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy (collectively, “ Terms ”). The Terms will go into effect for all existing users on March 27, 2019. When you use Airbnb on or after that day, we’ll ask you to agree to the new Terms of Service and Payments Terms of Service, and your continued use of the Airbnb Platform from that day on will be subject to the new Privacy Policy.

You can review the new Terms by clicking [here]. We’ve also put up information to explain these changes in more detail on our [Terms of Service Update page]. Both the old and new versions of the Terms can be found at the [Terms of Service], [Payments Terms of Service], and [Privacy Policy] tabs through April 27, 2019. You should review these Terms in full yourself.

Thank you for being a member of our global community.


The Airbnb Team