Terms - update limits

The curve terms currently state a maximum per transaction of £3500, however my curve app states a maximum of £3750.

Please can this be corrected?

Slightly offtopic but the reissue to a debit card also reduced my daily limit from £5000 to £3750. Is it a bug that the limit has been lowered during reissue or are limits on the new debit based curve always lower?

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Curve decreased the daily limit when debit cards were issued, although I’m not sure about the rational behind it, my guess is that it’s based on the processing fees they can receive.

Customer Support will be able to help you out with any account, card, and transaction related queries. We are in the process of Closing our prepaid programme and migrating to debit. While the standard limits are unaltered from prepaid to debit, the enhanced limits varies. The daily cash withdrawal and monthly spend is higher, albeit the daily spend is slightly lower and the annual spend remains the same. We know that for some customers the current limits are not enough. Please rest assured that we are working with MasterCard create additional enhanced limit groups that will meet your needs.

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