Tesco Credit Card Charges

On the subject of Tesco credit card charges (see recent email), I understand that we’ll be charged for cash withdrawals, but is there any way of finding out what constitutes a “cash transaction”. For instance, I currently pay my tax bill via Curve / Tesco and I’m assuming that this will probably count?

Might be nice to have some sort of indicator in the Curve app to see what would be considered cash.

Any transactions with Tesco card with Curve will be treated as cash advance by Tesco.

Yep, so I called Tesco when had my issues,

  • Any form of credit e.g paying off a bill / debt
  • any form of finance payment (paying off a car etc)

Those were two main items and ruled out most of which I would’ve used curve with them for / will look to change card to use with Curve (Very annoyed with Tesco)

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That was what happened originally, but this is different I think. Should be more like Poynty says (Curve now passes on the transaction type to retailers I believe).

Hey guys!

We do indeed pass on the MCC to the underlying card issuer so they can see what sort of transaction it is. Examples of “Cash Transactions” are withdrawing cash, gambling, repaying loans and buying currency.

We’re working to understand exactly how this has been implemented to make sure they’re only charging the fee for the correct transactions and will release an update in due course!

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Simply close your Tesco account, move to bank which suits better to you? And let them know why you moved.

Concerned as to what is changing. Tesco charged me for cash withdrawal with Curve before any changes and I understood was same for buying currency/gambling etc.

Now that the 23rd has passed… do we know any more?