Tesco Declines

Used my phone to pay at Tesco with curve last week no issues but yesterday thought I’d trust curve to leave my wallet at home. Nope payment ticked on my phone but declined on Tesco with any of my cards on curve. Had to go home for my trusty Bank card worked fine contactless. Was told by curve to delete my curve card off my digital wallet and re add it which I did. Tried at Tesco this afternoon and no avail again lucky had my bank card on me. Only been a member for 2 weeks but quickly becoming a gimmick if it never works

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Hello @Georgeb28,

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Did the transaction from Tesco show up in the Curve App as declined or did Tesco decline the card before it reached Curve.

Today’s one never reached the Tesco. Yesterday is on curve as declined but today isn’t there

Hey … had the same issue yesterday also declined in 2 other shops…pets at home and lidl today ???

I had exactly the same issue in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and others were fine

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If it helps, both my Curve and Starling were declined last week by Tesco, when I contacted Tesco Customer Services they are/were having major technical issues! Stick with the product!