Tesla as cashback retailer in curve card?

What about adding Tesla to your cashback retailers?

I feel like this would be very niche, and wouldn’t be an advantage to many users as most of the Tesla range is more expensive then their yearly limit, so they probably can’t use the card to buy it?


Tesla, that well known and much loved everyday High Street retailer that everyone shops at? Really?!

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Just let the people vote.

I’ve never bought a Tesla, but there’s a strong chance that I will do so one day, so I support this.

It’s a long time since I’ve bought brand new cars, which I did with debit cards, and of course Curve is now a fantastic way to do so with an underlying credit card. Adding Curve cashback would be the icing on the cake.

Does Curve authorise >£30k purchases with only a PIN? And what about the underlying credit card issuer? When I used a Barclays debit card in the past at a car dealer’s point-of-sale terminal, Barclays phoned me with weird questions that I could answer, but a fraudster couldn’t immediately answer, such as the name of the next road from where I lived. I wonder how Curve protects very high value transactions against fraud, and how the underlying card issuer is brought into the authentication process.

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I thought (as a Tesla owner) I should clarify - you can only put the initial deposit (£2k when I purchased but looks like now just £100) on a card. The rest has to be paid by bank transfer when the final invoice is issued prior to collection.

So I don’t think a new car purchase makes much sense when picking your cashback retailers as they’re a very(!) infrequent purchase, however once you’ve used up your free Supercharger credits the card linked to your account is then used to pay for this (generally ~25p/kWh). Of course it depends how much use you make of the Supercharger network as to whether it would be a worthwhile choice for one of your retailers or not.

If anyone has Tesla-related questions feel free to drop me a DM :wink:


That’s not great. When I’ve bought new BMWs in the past, I could pay the deposit (£500 or £1000) by credit card, and the rest by debit card on collection of the car.

I thought about tesla and the supercharging costs

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I’m sure everyone’s limits are different, but my app shows the maximum limit for a single transaction being £3,750.

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Good point. I had forgotten about the per-transaction limit.

Yeah I found it varied by dealership and how keen they were on the sale as to how much I could get onto the credit card! For Tesla it’s through the website so not something you can negotiate!

Yes, they were always confused when I wanted to pay a £1000 deposit instead of the requested £500 deposit, but they always agreed.