[Testflight] Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.12 (Build 1669)

Release notes:

“We’ve improved the rewards experience for Blue, Black and Metal card users

I don’t see anything new just yet…?

Just got this update myself: I can see shiny new Curve Cash option in Connect tab.

Weirdly the Android Update notes mentioned this but nothing is showing in the app!

If your Cashback programme has run out, could you please check out the retailers in the “Connect” tab? Please be aware that if you choose new retailers, they will be permanent :slight_smile:

If you are on the Rewards programme (Customers who signed up before February 16th 2018), there’s no time limit.

I’m in the old rewards program and don’t see any new ones…?

Okay. Then it looks like it should for now. My apologies for being vague, can’t share any non-public information :grimacing:

So, the invite you sent Henry, his cashback expired. Couple months back but it seems it’s not permanent?

I just updated to the same 3.0.12 beta, and I don’t see anything new either.

I’m on the Curve Rewards, black legacy card.

I also see nothing new in the ‘connect’ tab. Very frustrating for a metal user - some feedback would be very much appreciated…

Henry should be able to select new retailers if he’s on Curve Black or Metal.

You won’t be moved automatically. There’s more info when we launch out of Beta :slight_smile: Cc: @lsdnick

Not a new feature, but the links from this screen are just repetition. Until each link provides further information, they are largely redundant.

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I don’t understand this response…please clarify - I thought I was part of the beta programme, but have nothing on this. It seems that since I signed up to Metal, I have fallen off the cliff…