TfGM (Manchester Metrolink) Contactless Broken

The Manchester Metrolink now supports contactless payment for travel in the same way as TfL underground.

When tapping in a £0.10 charge occurs to validate the card. This charge is left pending and should eventually drop off.

At the end of the day a charge goes through with the total for the day.

There are two issues with using Curve and TfGM:

  • £0.10 charges are not refunded (happens regardless of whether card is locked). This needs to be looked at ASAP.
  • Daily charge is rejected if card is locked. This might be ‘standard behaviour’ for Curve but you need to whitelist TfGM daily charge if the users card was unlocked at the point of the initial £0.10 transaction. I’ve just unlocked my card so hopefully TfGM will try and take payment again later…

When the card is locked, it stops any future card transactions, which is why it declines it. The 10p checks the card is valid, and then the txn is processed later

  • This doesn’t explain why the 10p charge is never refunded…
  • I’m aware how card locking works. However exceptions need to be made for metro transactions

So you want payment to be taken (for transport use) when you’ve frozen your card? Freezing your Curve card blocks all transactions as it should, no ifs no buts no maybes.

Even when using contactless for travel in London if your card is frozen when they try and take payment. (Which is not immediate, it’s processed later I believe around 02.00 the next morning.) They block your card from being used on the entire network until you pay the balance manually.

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And that’s how it should be - if you only have a binary choice of locked/unlocked, then locked should mean block everything.

Some more granularity to allow things like ccu wants would be interesting, although I think I’d only lock my card if it was lost/stolen anyway. Are you locking your card at night to stop flatmates/kids borrowing it, ccu? :slight_smile:


That’s exactly why I think what the OP wants is quite odd to say the least. Of course there might be other use case scenarios that I haven’t thought of.

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I have to agree, if a card is locked its locked for a reason. It would be unreasonable to start building a white list for some suppliers. What if you locked your card because you lost it on the metro? Someone could pick it up and start using it…?? A block is a block!!!

The 10p charge should be automatically returned if not collected in 7 days. If it isn’t then this needs addressing.