TfL charges - different amounts on Journey History, Curve, funding card

Recently started using Curve for TfL instead of Amex, and the charging mechanism is confounding me

  • my TfL Journey History account shows the right amounts

  • my Curve account shows some of the right amounts, and some wildly incorrect ones e.g. £10.50 instead of £3, £13.50 instead of £4.50 etc

  • my funding card shows completely different amounts again, totally different to Curve numbers - separated into 10p and the balance, lots of days double charging - £4.50 x2 instead of £4.50 x1 - bears no relation to Curve numbers (or might do, who knows?) - and not Pending, but actually confirmed charges

  • the fact that TfL charges sometimes go through on the same day, sometimes next day, sometimes 2 days later, sometimes in wrong day order (esp weekend), making it harder to reconcile

  • over this period I’ve had no TfL overcharging or refunds, so that’s not the reason for any confusion

It’s completely confounding me, and really frustrating. Overall, after 2 weeks I’m being charged more on both my Curve and Barclaycard than is showing on my TfL account, mostly due to double charging

Anyone else get this? Does it all reconcile itself at some point? Never had issues using Amex on TfL - always charged correct amounts on correct days

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Yes, I’ve had the same recently. I’ve been overcharged and curve records the transactions differently to how they are recorded by TfL, which is the correct version of events. In curve’s defense, the over charge was refunded pretty much immediately.

Same here, more than two week of double charges, even after locking curve card, transaction were still going through (!) checked on tfl and all was fine, was refunded (more than £40) by curve but during the refund proces two more transactions went through but tfl didn’t collect the money, so £17 went to curve. Now looks like they are not interested and ignoring me even after sending them screenshot from tfl. Scam for me.

Right, this is doing my head in! So, I got a manual refund for all the double charged amounts last month after I messaged in, and obviously I’ve been checking regularly to ensure I don’t get double charged again…

…and now I’m getting weird amounts that bear no relation to amounts I’m charged - different amounts on my Curve app and my funding card. Sometimes batches of TfL charges are aggregated, and sometimes they go through as a single day’s charges. It’s almost impossible to reconcile the amounts, to check if charges are correct, and it’s a complete mess for business expense chargebacks

Why can’t Curve just charge every day at the end of the day / 4am like normal credit/debit cards, then I can easily match with what’s on my TfL statement? Pulling my hair out here…

:slight_smile: i had to cancel my bank card and order new one because of this.

I was told it was fixed, but it’s happening AGAIN!

C’mon Curve, help me out here? How come other cards can charge TfL transactions correctly, but you ALWAYS DOUBLE CHARGE - never undercharge, always double charge

And the only reason I can spot it easily is because there is a PANDEMIC and therefore fewer transactions than normal, and easier to spot. I can’t be the only person who uses my Curve for pay as you go on TfL. Who knows how many people have been unwittingly double charged in the past?

I mean, fine, you refund me when I tell you, but why should I have to cross check EVERY TfL JOURNEY I make in 3 different places - TfL, Curve and funding card - to check what’s been charged, always different amounts, aggregated differently literally according to the day of the week, and then email you every time? What a WASTE of my time

I bought a Metal card to use on TfL, and feel I’ve been totally conned out of £150 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Well, problem resolved because lockdown, natch. Now that we’re unlocked, and I’m having to travel occasionally for work, IT’S BACK.

CURVE DOUBLE CHARGING TFL TRANSACTIONS - esp on Fridays and weekends. I mean, how is this even possible? Squillion pound fintech CAN’T ACTUALLY COUNT despite me paying for a stupid metal membership. Srsly, does there need to be another pandemic to be correctly charged???

It’s not the money, it’s the fact I have to have a spreadsheet to reconcile EVERY SINGLE TFL transaction to check it’s correct. BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY LIFE THAN FIX CURVE’S INCOMPETENCE


Regular as clockwork, I’ve been overcharged by Curve again for TfL transactions

My questions:

  1. Does anyone else suffer from this? Or does Curve hate only me?

  2. Is anyone from Curve on these forums, or am I shouting into the abyss?!

In principle this is a user community. For account specific questions reach out to Curve support (

But don’t hold your breath for a response.

I think part of the issue is how it works where they TfL charge you the largest amount for a single journey (to Amersham, I think) and then partially refund you. Or not.

OK, well, this is still happening. Still getting overcharged. Still having to justify the overcharge by sending receipts to Curve to prove I haven’t spent that money. Yes, I realise that TfL that has a weird way of charging, but my other Amex, Visa, Mastercards never had a problem with it

I feel like my life is wasting away looking for multiple sub-£5 transactions being nicked out of my card account. Is this Curve’s revenue model that was so conspicuously absent from the crowdfunding documents?

Well, check your accounts, fanboys and fangirls, 'cos if you use your Curve on the tube, then Curve is probably double charging you too! Mwahaha!