TfL confusion

Whilst scrolling through my cards to see how much cashback I’d acquired I inadvertently selected curve cash for backing payment type. I realised after a touch on a London bus (TfL) which deducted £0.10 which is normal.

I switched to my main card for further contactless travel realising TfL would autocap for the day against my curve’s single debit card number.

The problem here is that switching the underlying card didn’t work. I initially thought I saw duplicate payments on both curve cash and my main card, but on double checking on TfL’s contactless site I /think/ it adds up with 3 payments over 2 days (tmi to go into but can explain if anyone cares).

For 3 days I saw a £3 extraction (two bus journeys further apart than an hour) from my main card but also the 10p on curve cash. Then £3 disappeared from curve cash too.

There is apparently no GBiT on curve cash, but I had expected no more than £1.50 and also assumed when TfL requested funds, switching from 10p to £3 it should have picked up the new backing card.

So although I switched cards after one touch, curve linked the backing payment choice. When TfL took its daily full charge it didn’t do what I wanted.

  1. The UI makes it a bit too easy to select the wrong card when just browsing

  2. TfL’s weird way of operating and curve’s linking back payments is very non-intuitive

  3. I’ve no idea what would have happened had I travelled more, because I only had a few quid in curve cash and it wouldn’t have been enough!