TFL Journey History Delays!

Here’s the issues, I’ve been facing!
I’ve been paying my TFL daily journeys with my Curve Blue card and so far, all is see is a big mess!

  • Once you touch your contactless Curve Card on TFL, all it comes out is £0.10p
  • Most of the times which is 90% of the time, I get no notifications and if it falls on a weekend, its even worse! I might get a notification/update 2/3 days later, it’s non sense!
  • Instead of getting a real live notification like £1.50 bus fare or £2.90 train fare, you’ll see a charge of like £20/£30, once the app gets updated, 2/3 days after!
  • I must say when I’m paying for groceries, I get a notification straight away and no issues at all.
  • Starting to think if this card is really worth having, apart from the spending abroad benefits :thinking:
  • We’re having more issues than gains, generally speaking!
  • Might end up just getting a 0% (no fees abroad) Halifax Clarity or a 0% Barclays Rewards credit card, just for travelling, and my own Santander debit card for the rest :thinking:
  • Still have a few months left until my 90 days run out, I’ll make up my mind then!

Will any of the TFL issues be resolved any time soon?!

Thank you

TFL do not charge your card straight away with full amount. They authorise your card with a 10p charge, then when the tfl charging day is over (4.29am next day), they will calculate the total charge and request it from your card which will hit your card the following day likely. On weekend this will be Monday as banks are closed Saturday and Sunday.

This is just how tfl works, nothing to do with Curve.


Much appreciated for the explanation @Malik
I’m guessing banks work in a different way, because when I pay with my bank card directly, I see the amount that comes out straight away!

That’s not strictly true. Authorisations can debit an account at any time even Saturdays and Sundays.

That’s exactly what I thought!
I bank with Santander and everytime I touch my card on tube/bus/train, the exact amount comes out straight away even on a weekend!
So it shouldn’t matter, if its a week day or not!

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