TfL should be removed as a Curve Cash retailer

Given that Curve Cash is still fairly basic in terms of reliability/maturity (matches based on transaction name, doesn’t seem to update if cleared amount changes), Transport for London should probably be removed as a retailer as it is effectively useless.

When you tap in to the tube/bus, the Curve card is charged 10p - the amount is then updated when the transaction clears to reflect all travel for that day, allowing TfL to account for fare capping.

That means you get 1 Curve Cash for tapping in, but then the cashback amount is not adjusted when the transaction clears. Because of this, it should probably be removed as I (and likely others) will be selecting a retailer and never earning Curve Cash from it.

1pence? I believe they charge 10p

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Curve Cash with TfL selected is probably best for people that buy gold cards and monthly travel cards with Curve but yeah for pay as you go travel it sounds next to useless.

Hey @_seb, when you use TFL you’ll first receive Curve Cash for the 10p authorisation but your balance will then be adjusted when the full amount is charged. You might not get a notification for it but it’s almost always automatically added to your balance. If you’re not receiving cashback for the full amount I’d recommend getting in touch with our team so they can check it for you.