Thanks for dark mode!

I was freaked out after last update (2.12.13 on android) when discovered that app is now all “white”. Luckily Curve left optional “dark theme” as user choice to enable. Did that, restarted app and - voila, enjoying cool dark theme !

THANKS for that Curve!

p.s. Wrong month bug in “timelime” seems to be fixed too. Very nice.


Dark mode seems to have been missed out for a few app pages such as when you open a transaction in your history.

Check this topic:

(especially the ‘disclaimer’ part).

Unfortunately it’s missing a lot. Its even worse than light mode as Your eyes can get used to bright light, but not to the combination of dark with lighter parts…

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback on dark mode in the app - if you’d like to send screenshots to (or post them in this thread!), they can pass it onto the product team :smile:

You already can find some screenshots here:

and here:


For me dark mode works very well. Maybe its becouse I also use custom launcher with dark theme on my phone. I have not noticed any issues so far with colors.

We don’t have this update on iOS