That “New Black” announcement

This morning’s email announcement could really change everything :grin:.

Thanks Curve, let the discussion begin…


Morning Graham :slight_smile: I haven’t received an email from them - any chance you could enlighten us?


Me neither.

It’s being sent out in batches and you should receive it within the next few hours :slightly_smiling_face:

Will this be for everyone currently Grandfathered? Restored my faith in Curve :pray:

Hope this means we get Apple Pay now! Just need amex back now too and #winning

Are you going to do anything for Metal customers who pre-paid for 1 year for a card which doesn’t offer AMEX, Lounge Key or much else? Or are you going to stick rigidly to your ridiculous line that we’d have to pay you £50 and be given a pro-rata refund for our next to useless, worthless heap of titanium?


“ Dear [User],

Last week we notified you that your free trial of the new Curve Black will end today. Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback and great ideas on how we can extend the Curve Black offering to you and our early adopters for free.

We took some of the feedback you gave us, and we are working on a way to give you access to the new Curve Black free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Exciting, right?!

For the time being, we are extending your free trial of the new Curve Black, so look out for an email from us in the coming weeks on how you can extend your Curve Black for free, forever.

Until then - keep spreading the love and help us grow using your unique referral code.

With a whole lotta love,
Team Curve”


I didn’t get an email saying my trial was ending… Hope I’m still included, looks like I’m still on black

Hmm. Eventhough i am happy with what they decided to do, as its all positive for me. But i just don’t understand what made them arrive at that conclusion. I dont think anyone in the forum was asking to be treated like the new curve black. We just wanted to be treated on par with free customers.

All in all, cant complain…just baffled. Haha


@Curve_Marie, just noticed the launch of monzo plus. Where they let ssubscribers choose what they want with their monzo and just fees for every additional benefit. Everyone gets to choose their own package. Seems interesting, especially since insurance is not available in every country. Wonder if curve have seen the launch =)

All those who’ve downgraded to Blue already are not going to be happy…

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Then they shouldn’t have downgraded to Blue. Unless I missed something major, there was zero reason to move from Black Legacy to Blue right now.


With the wealth of feedback here, and Curve’s track record of listening and responding, I’m pretty confident we’ll get the card we deserve.

Looking forward to the next email…:grin:


thanks for posting - I haven’t received an email yet

Received the email as well. This certainly restored my faith in Curve!

But anyway, if I may, this thread is about the plans Curve are developing, not Monzo.

Exciting times eh? :smiley:

For me that would depend on (the content of) their next email:

And more specific it would depend on the (word) ‘how’!

I’m guessing referrals, like if u get 5 or 10 people to join under the new curve black. We get it free. Just a wild guess though. Not sure what other way would be beneficial for curve to suddenly take such a huge turn in their plan

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Urgh I hope not. In saying that I can’t think of any other way it might be beneficial to Curve.

This was my thought exactly.