That “New Black” announcement

Of course, you’re right. I forgot that someone might indeed photo their card in B&W :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

The reason for doing that, however, quite frankly, evades me :thinking:. (Others will, no doubt, advise…).

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That’s exactly what’s happening. Laughable

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This is probably still happening - it sounded at the time like the forever-free new black was going to be dependent on referrals, rather than just being free for everyone.

I doubt they’re backtracking on it - they’re probably still working on the details. They’ve just done the normal Curve thing of falling behind schedule and going into complete radio silence after the initial teaser.


Hi @diego_curve, Any update/ETA on when Curve will be giving Curve Black Legacy users an upgrade to Curve Black for free?


How do I describe it to my mates?

Honestly, don’t get one yet. They appear to be unable to provide a consistent service. I don’t think it’s done on purpose I just think they’re poorly managed. The Amex fiasco was a disaster and has really annoyed me tbh yes yes I know… I was a schmuck that upgraded to metal, but that was because legacy black looked like it was going to be a dustbowl of features though now they’ve changed their tune on that and are appearing to offer free unlimited new black for any legacy black members, of course because I was an early adopter of metal… I can no longer downgrade to the subscription free offering of unlimited black, they’ve got their £200 from me and so yeah, my honest opinion is that it’s interesting, but I feel like I’m constantly waiting for something to be delivered, it’s like kickstarter so I’d say just steer clear for now, and get involved when they’ve sorted out their damn featureset. I plan to downgrade to blue after this year is out and go for amex platinum, I’ve spent £340 on two cards this year when I could spend £575 on one and just get all the perks I actually wanted. Okay, the 0%fx is handy but you can get that with their free curve blue or if you’ve got a Halifax clarity account. Maybe try that one if you want. Heres my code: blah.


What have I missed? I am on the Legacy Black, has their been any changes to this?

Read the thread you have commented on.

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I’m so confused by the Curve Black changes. One minute I’m getting an email saying I’m on a trial of the new Curve Black, then I’m being told:

‘For the time being, we are extending your free trial of the new Curve Black, so look out for an email from us in the coming weeks on how you can extend your Curve Black for free, forever.’

I ‘looked out’ for that email…it never arrived.

But I’m still on ‘New’ Curve Black. So is the email delayed? Did I just not receive it?

Then I receive an email telling me about Curve Black Legacy…

This is ridiculous. The confusing naming conventions, the changes of policy and the misleading information being given to customers.

I appreciate it’s a ‘new’ service and as such, things go wrong, plans change. But the level of indecisiveness within Curve is unnerving for a financial organisation.

And yet after all this I’m still no closer to finding out exactly where I stand.


@Curve_Marie What’s the status for those of us that were Amex Beta, I understand this expires at month-end July, but I haven’t received my notification yet and how I can move to Black Legacy. Can you provide a short update?

My take is that we can we get benefit from the Curve card without necessarily leaping into the subscription arena. That might come later. Certainly doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

All customers who signed up for Curve Black before 28.1.2019 and are on the extended free trial are eligible for the Curve Black Legacy tier. The trial has not ended yet and you will be able to move to Curve Black Legacy in the future. @fwdlink

I’ll check up on when the next email will be sent out, but you haven’t missed anything so far @xthenapster

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Hi Marie,
Is the energy and the money spent on studying, preparing, developping legacy tier, communicating costs more than moving Customers on the new black plan for free ? Not sure…

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That’s a good question! Not sure if it’s the right one to ask though.

Do you think subscribing customers would find it fair that others get the same offering for free? That’s a sincere question btw :smiley:

I’m sure they could understand…
We initially paid 50£, it was supposed to be with exclusives features and for life. I think it is understandable


Fair point. I think that’s why there will be a chance to get Curve Black for free. Can’t spill the beans about the details before the email goes out. Will check up on it.


Nice to hear! So let’s wait for the email :slight_smile: . Hope we will receive it anytime soon! :bullettrain_front:

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Yes, there are lots of products/services out there were early customers are treated more favorably as they joined before the ‘rules’ were changed.

A good example is my VPN provider.

They initially offered a lifetime subscription to the VPN, this I assume helped them grow and receive a fairly large amount of cash from all the subscribers up front. This enabled them to grow faster and gain more customers. Obviously giving lifetime subscriptions away forever is unsustainable, so earlier this year they ended the offer and new customers are no longer able to purchase a lifetime sub, they have to pay monthly/yearly etc.

I think it’s completely fair that we keep the lifetime sub as we put up some capital up front helping support the company while it was small, with a risk of losing it early if the company failed.

Can’t wait to see the email @Curve_Marie :slight_smile:


Please do check on the mail (with @diego_curve!?). In my opinion (and I am sure not only my opinion!) the mail is already at least two months overdue. And this with no explanation from @diego_curve what caused this delay.


Overpromise, underdeliver? :joy:

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