That “New Black” announcement

So what do CURVE METAL your premium cardholders get -))) … @Curve_Marie the community has backed the project and its premium offering is less premium should have stayed with the legacy black at least would have been in a better position …=))) any updates on the offers for the Metal card … The curve team is even refusing to reduce the subscription fee even when services have been withdrawn/ not offered … or a refund on a pro-rata basis … for the months where the promised services as per the agreement signed with each customer were not delivered @diego_curve

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I’m yet to understand why anyone would care about a card being “world elite” or not when most of the “world elite” perks are unavailable anyway


Well, to be fair, the Black card was supposed to be a lifetime buy in the first place (Including Amex), so unless their business plan was to get us suckers on board and then flip us over with subscription fees they should be fine.


The non-subscription black was indeed supposed to be a lifetime buy, but I was talking about giving all non-subscription Black (legacy) customers a free subscription Black without any conditions (like for example referrals).
I don’t believe in fairytales!

Have you forgotten that only a couple of months ago this was exactly what they tried to do? This is the reason why eventually legacy black was ‘created’ next to subscription black.

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I still haven’t received this email - not sure whether all has been sent out.

I did get the reminder email 10 days ago to “upgrade” to new Curve Black but somehow got dropped off the distribution list for the now “indefinite extension pending further info” email.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Regarding the email that went out last week about the extension for the Curve Black free trial, users that were part of the Amex beta programme won’t have received the email, as their trial won’t expire until July.

We are going to send another email this week explaining more details about the opportunity to get Curve Black for free. And as some of you have guessed it in the thread, it will have to do with referrals.

@Graham, you are right with the simplification approach, we want to make it easy (and free) for people to go from Curve Black Legacy to Black subscription, we just need some help from you, our only ask is to help us spread the word! It’ll be easy to achieve, and you will still have the option to go to Curve Black Legacy if you can’t make it anyways (more details to come).

Regarding Black Legacy, it’ll include any new features that we introduce to Curve Blue, while maintaining your existing benefits (so, yes, you’ll have Apple Pay as soon as we launch it)

We are working on making all tiers as valuable as possible for all of you. For everyone that have upgraded to Curve Metal, our vision is to make Curve Metal the most rewarding card in the world, and that takes time. We are close to releasing a new rewards proposition that will make it worthwhile (can’t share more details though). We are also working on LoungeKey, coming very soon (we are doing everything in our power to speed the delivery of this). I would personally give it a bit more time, and if at some point you still want to downgrade to Black, we won’t pass the cancellation fee.

We have a long journey to achieve our vision and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into helping us improve Curve. Please, keep it coming.

One quick question that might help us with the entire referrals approach, how do you describe Curve when you try to get any of your friends to download and use it?


@Zana711: Just checked and you were on both lists… could you check on your spam folder maybe?

I see you already updated your website on this, maybe a good idea to update this topic too:


Great news. Glad to hear you’ve listened to feedback :+1:

I’m sceptical that it’ll make it worthwhile on its own if you value the insurance at £0, which is about what it’s worth, but hopefully it’ll be a step in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing what you guys produce.

To be honest I’ve stopped recommending it to people given recent issues. When I did use to try to get people on board, the main thing that seemed to convince people was getting notifications, instant transactions etc without having to change banks or stop using a rewards credit card. The whole “all your cards in one” didn’t seem appealing to friends (though it does to me) as they either only had one card they used, or only had one visa/MC plus an amex.


When people see my card, they often say “What’s that…?” – I then reply, it’s my Magic Card and state “it can be any of my cards I want it to be!”. I usually then go on to explain and show them the App. Always pretty impressed.

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When you’re already in a hole, stop digging

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Beat me to it !!
But the GBIT feature really fascinates ‘em :grin:


Great news, @diego_curve - assurance for those of us content to be Legacy folk, and the opportunity for others to be rewarded through referral activity - a most elegant solution. :relieved:

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That’s great BUT if black legacy users decide to upgrade can we then downgrade back to black legacy or is if a customer goes black there is no way back to black legacy?

Thanks for checking @diego_curve!

I still haven’t received the recent announcement email. Checked my spam folder and did a search (again!) with the keyword “curve” and nothing recent came up, other than the email dated 18 Apr asking me to upgrade to the new Curve Black.

Not to worry, not that I’ve read this thread, I know what the announcement is all about…

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Good stuff, but how does this technically work with the concept of grandfathering?

I’d say: PayPal-to-go with MasterCard rate travel FX, pretty useful and like the understated card design. It’s young and there’s a bit of privacy risk here and there, but trust them more than giving someone on Amazon Marketplace my details. I got the sweet deal of one time payment premium model but free tier is not bad at all compared to likes of Revolut. Lot of clutter happening now so don’t jump on just now, hold off until dust settles.

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An honest, balanced appraisal.

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@Gaoler could you please elaborate? I know it’s impossible to please everyone but would love to know your thoughts in more detail.

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@brutalist could you please explain what risks you see? As you mention in your comment, we keep your details away from any merchant, effectively using your Curve card as a “proxy”, if you allow me the metaphor.

@Zana711 that’s strange… we can see the email went out to your email address, can you send me an email to I want to see where the problem was