The 1% Cash feature

Recently I have been using my curve account and have not been receiving the 1% cash back as promised anyone got an idea why this is?


Welcome to the community. If you have the latest curve app, And a new curve Black or Metal subscription you’ll be able to choose 3/6 retailers to get your cashback from.

What curve card do you have

I have curve blue, I used to get 1% back but it has stoped, is this something new or is there an issue with my account??

For Curve Blue the 1% Cash is just a 90 days introductory offer as can be read here:

I have not even enabled cashback, becouse not sure how it can even possibly work.

I’m not in UK, and even if we have some brands here for whom Curve offers cashback, not sure how it can possibly work. For example “Costa Coffee” does not shown in receipt as purchase made in “Costa coffee” but as something entirely else - possibly becouse they opperate as franchise in my country? So, in these cases I must send receipt to Curve support each time and ask to add this merchant to db or something?

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Hi @moon :blush: Occasionally when the retailer doesn’t have the name of the shop on their payment terminal our system can’t recognise it as a member of the rewards programme when it receives the transaction so rewards points aren’t added automatically.

If this ever happens please contact the Support Team at support@curveapp with a copy of the receipt and they’ll be able to add the missing points for you :money_with_wings:

I’ve had this happen, and it’s good that the missing points are added. Would you mind confirming that the retailer is subsequently flagged as eligible for points? If not then cardholders aren’t likely to use them in the future, which kind of negates the point of loyalty schemes.

Hi @JohnB :blush: Once you get in contact with support they’ll pass the transaction reference on to the Engineering Team so it will then register to add rewards point for the retailer automatically.

A timeframe can’t be provided for when it’ll be added so if points aren’t added automatically it is best to contact support with a copy of the receipt until it has been :money_with_wings:

Hi Helena,

This doesn’t appear to happen reliably - for over 6 months I have been in contact almost weekly with support for a manual adjustment as a Black legacy holder; Papa Johns changed how their web payment identity is expressed (not sure what you are using, but they now appear to be ‘papa’). Could you pass this to engineering as it seems a terrible waste of support resources to have to continuously make manual adjustments. Thanks