The American Dream!

The American Dream!

Hello everybody :wave:

As you may know, Curve is gearing up to launch into the US later this year. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and taking every factor into consideration.

Our Head of Product in the US, Dan, spoke about how we’re doing things a bit differently at Curve as we build up to our American Dream!

Take a look here and let us know what you think! - Don’t go for the one-size fits all approach


Great! Hope you won’t forget Europe ( and UK :wink:)

It’s an ambitious plan, one that could create alot of value for curve in terms of revenue.

I truly hope you scale up your customer support, take on more agents via zendesk, activate autoreply features of zendesk to create tickets (it doesn’t happen at present). I’d abandon chat, it’s a dead feature that isn’t necessary anymore. Customers. Will reach out via social, or contact forms.

I would also ensure you have an updated faq, pin a post to all your social channels so customers can easily find support in relevant region. Support at the moment is fractured, and needs centering per regulatory requirement.

I would also ensure you let us customers know they won’t loose rewards.

I have more ideas, however best not to post to many. Business development, and finance is my passion

Abandon chat? Absolute madness. You could not be further detached from the Curve customer base.


Curve do not even respond in the chat within the app, the zendesk api is sketchy as hell.

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They actively reply and it’s super fast.


You do know that since February there is a new in app chat (in Trial period) only for Curve (Legacy) Black and Curve Metal customers? Only have used it once, but got a reply instantly.

Ah fair enough, I used to be a metal customer but now on blue tier only.

Will probably upgrade back to metal when lockdown lifts, and new designs come out etc.

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Thanks for this update Hannah,
I am about to fly to the US on business and was planning on using Curve over there. Am I to understand that it will not be accepted in the states yet? I have been able to add my US CCs to my curve wallet…
Would be happy to Beta over there is need be.

Your Curve card will work in the States. This topic is about enabling US residents to get a Curve card, not about enabling the use of the Curve card in the States. This has been possible right from the start everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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Thanks Poeliev!
Stay safe and healthy.

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