The Community being Ignored

I don’t want to be controversial here… but I do feel like we’re being ignored. The community have put up loads of great ideas that have had loads of votes: yet nothing comes out of it. Have any of our ideas actually made it into the app? (Or at least any recent ideas)
Curve, please. Stop with the hard rebranding or influencer plugs and work on making your product the brilliant thing it could be! Listen to your customers here.
I know that a lot of people are being driven away at the moment: from curve in general, and from metal in particular. I’m getting nervous that this brilliant company, that a lot of people backed, is changing for the worse!


It’s not just the community it’s the people asking for help from support. I asked a question on the 17th of December and I’ve had 5 replys saying they are looking in to it and need more time. I’m not complaining about the time its 5 separate people who cant answer. I even worked out the answer to part of my issue without them

They should concentrate on fixing the problems they have now. Rather than adding more people who end up with the same problems. Its making support almost useless. The time waiting for replys is getting longer each time they add new features and get more people signed up.


Ideas from the community have been put into the app :smile: We’ll create a summary and we’ll also let you know which ones that we are looking into.

Update: Curve Product Update January 2020