The Curve Black Hole

As an investor (with hindsight, not wise) I hope that Curve can move forward and remain trading. However I have little information with which to draw any conclusions in this direction.

This forum is full of frustrated customers including myself who are still waiting for resolution of issues many weeks after raising them. It appears even the forum moderators have little or no connection with the company and cannot escalate concerns. Apart from providing somewhere for customers to vent and compare their experiences there seems little point in the forum at all.

Despite many requests there has been no communication whatsoever with the investors regarding the future plans for the company as a whole or the the support function in particular (hence the title for this post).

Problems with failed cashback, missing email receipts and poor chat support just compound the feeling that Curve is struggling, and has been for some time. Not a good look if you are trying to mantain or even grow your user base.

To be honest I’m now basically using the Curve card as a safe proxy for my real credit card details and have given up on any ‘extras’ actually working.

I’d love to hear from someone within the organisation who actually can shine some light on what is happening but I fear that is unlikely given past experience.


They were cutting costs last year, meaning no new features and a lot of employee departures. They obtained a big contract with Credit Suisse for loans, so we will see where they go from here.
The rumour is that the CEO is clueless about what to do with the app, so probably the app will stay mediocre for a while.


That is indeed correct. :worried:


I do as well hope Curve could move forward in the coming years.
however, as jmarks sugessted that this forum loooks hopeless to me.
The atmosphere is completely different in other fintech services like Monzo, Rvolut, not even to mention Curve’s patner Plutus’ dicord, telegram and Reddit forum.

I wish the CEO and the team coudl shine a light upon the future path soon :crossed_fingers:

Interesting, no wonder there are some feelings of inconsistency on what the app wants to do (Google Wallet-like, or e-Cash?, you cant be both).

What brings out such rumour?

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employee reviews

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If you pulled yourself out of that pile of moan and depressiveness you just tripped up into you maybe could use some common sense and just do a google search for “Curve Card future plans” or “Curve Card business going forward” etc. And see they recently launched in the USA and the also obtained the EU licence in Lithuania along with the change from Curve Blue to the Curve Bolt or what ever the 1st chargeable tier is called - si they have been making lots of forward moved to stay relevant and successful - just because the company doesn’t have the time to reply to each shareholder individual request for the minute by minute info of the last meeting to decide on the Coffee brand in the machine thru to September - doesn’t mean they are falling flat.

Online forums of any company are often negative places as its where people who have issues with the service or product come to moan! Sharon down the road who’s got no issues at all with her Broadband isn’t going to be found on the TalkTalk Facebook page singing their praises for keeping the conneciton live and well for 986 days without fault is she?

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This doesn’t surprise me. I knew this company was going down the wrong path once they started getting into “crypto” and spent money for the CEO to give a sponsored talk at the “Bitcoin conference”.

There is a slack group for ex-Curvers mostly dedicated to laughing at Shachar.

LMAO some of the ex-employees really did dislike the CEO…