The Curve card expiry date, shown in the Curve app, is OTHER than the expiry date printed on the physical Curve (blue) card


I’m here for the first time so welcome everyone!

Please check that the Curve card expiry date (menu Account / View card details) matches the expiration date printed on the physical card in your Curve application.
In my case, the card is printed on 02/23, the application shows 03/2023 !!?
Reporting a problem and further “conversation” with the support team are completely unproductive. Their answers are embarrassing and show the total amateur support team (?)
They claim that in the system they have the expiry date of my card as in the application, i.e. 03/2023. They even suggested that they would exchange my copy of the Curve for free, because according to them it has the WRONG PRINT of this expiry date!
This alone gives an idea of ​​the competences and level of customer service in this company. For the first time I hear about incorrectly printed payment cards.
But to the point: payment on the internet, with details of the card, is possible in my case ONLY after providing the value 02/23, i.e. one that is PRINTED ON THE CARD. The value from the application (03/23) causes REJECTION of the transaction attempt. This probably lies to the hypothesis of an error during card production.
To make it funnier, my wife also has a Curve card (also blue) and has the same incompatibility.
This raises the suspicion that the problem is global, searching the web, I found a similar thread from 2019. Someone suggested that the Curve card’s expiration date is hard-coded in its application!!!
Please check if a similar situation occurs with your Curve cards and applications.

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I’m confused as to what the problem is. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve tried to answer based on my understanding of your issue - if I haven’t understood correctly please correct me and try to be clear exactly what the problem you’re experiencing is.

So you’re trying to complete transactions online and not sure whether to use a 4 digit or 2 digit year?

If this is the issue, then that is determined entirely by the website - not Curve. If the website asks for 4 digits, you need to provide all 4, and if the website only asks for two, then in the background they will be adding the “20” to whatever you provide before sending the request to Curve anyway. If you try and enter a four digit year into a website that is expecting a 2 digit one, then it’ll probably only see “20”, which of course would refer to 2020, and in your case automatically reject the transaction because you can’t pay with a card that expires in the past.

If it’s a “Customer Not Present” transaction on a card machine, it’s usually two because almost all cards only display the last two digits. Most websites will also only be expecting two for the same reason.

The year of the expiry date will of course always be a four digit number because years are four digit numbers. When displayed as two numbers, the first two numbers should be assumed to be “20”.


I think I described the problem not quite precisely.
The essence of the problem is that THE MONTH IS DIFFERENT on both dates!

02/23 - February 2023
03/2023 - March 2023

I repeat, it’s not about the date format (including the number of digits of the year), but their total difference.


No @andyk, the problem is that @ami has got expiry date 02/23 printed on his physical Curve card, but tha app shows 03/23 expiry date. :crazy_face::exploding_head: Curve support suggests it’s a problem of wrong text on physical card, but @ami says that online transactions can go through only with expiry date printed on physical card, not the one shown in the app… :face_with_head_bandage:

Oh, I see! Now that is a problem…

I understand now. I wonder how that might have come about.

They are correct though in that it’s probably the case that the only way to sort it would be to reissue the card, therefore refreshing all the details. I doubt they can just go in and change the card details even if they are displayed wrong.

@Curve_Marie Perhaps this should be moved to a bug report - I’m not sure who the best other person to tag would be!

Thanks for clarifying!


Moved in bug report :smile:

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Hey, i had the same problem with same dates, they don’t really say it clearly but it seems like they had problems with cards issued in february, i got a new one and it’s all correct now

Saw that with one of the other fintechs where names were not printed correctly. It just happens sometimes, I believe there are only a handful of companies out there who actually make the cards and it’s all 3rd party, so mistakes happen :confused:

Hey guys, sorry for missing this until now. This is a bit of a strange one that we’re aware of. This sometimes happens when a card is ordered or issued on the last day of the month. As it takes about a day to produce and issue a card, the dates sometimes get crossed if it happens across the 31st/ 1st for example.

Our support team are right in saying that the date on your physical card is the correct one to use. The card functionality will not be affected, It’s just a display issue on the app unfortunately. They’ll happily send you a new card so that the date matches both the app and physical card!


Hello Hannah,

I am asking for a detailed hint, what else should I do to have an application showing the same data that is printed on my card?

You have already gotten the very best hint Curve has to offer you, namely:
The only way to fix this, is to reissue the card to you and then your app would be updated and match your new physical card.

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I think the easiest fix is to simply remember, that the month in the app is displayed incorrectly, and decrease that value by one, when filling payment info during online payment :wink:

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