The Curve card unable to add cards with same credit card account

It is not possible to add a partner card if any other card with the same account is already in Curve.
Is this something due to technical reasons?

You can only add each card once. But you can add as many cards from the same bank as you wish

Here it says “If it is a card from a joint account, you won’t be able to add it to Curve if another card is already on Curve somewhere.”

This means, you cannot add the same card number to 2 different Curve accounts. Each credit card can only be added once to an account.
If you have a joint account, you need 2 cards to this account.
You are only allowed to add cards in your own name to your own Curve account, no card that is issued in someone else name.

Its on the roadmap for future development to “hand over” card details to other Curve users.

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My partner tried to add the partner card and it gives error. The partner card has it’s own number and my card is already in Curve. I don’t know, may be it’s a technical issue, we will contact the support.