The Curve Swag Pack + TUMI Cardholder

Hello Community,

as winner of the Twitter #curvecup giveaway i won a Curve Swag Pack and a Curve Tumi Wallet.

I want to show everyone whats included in the Swag Pack since you cant really find a picture or more information about the Swag Pack.

  • Curve Cap :billed_cap:
  • Curve T-Shirt
  • Curve Hoodie
  • Curve Powerbank
  • Curve Notebook with a ballpoint pen.
  • Curve Socks
  • Curve Face Mask

The Curve TUMI Wallet/Cardholder.

Source: (Login • Instagram & Login • Instagram)



digging the tumi wallet


@hsnakh There is currently a giveaway where you can win a Curve TUMI Cardholder.
Login • Instagram ends on Monday 2nd of August.


thanks for the reply, thought i had replied.

unfortunately me or my partner don’t use twitter lol