The final straw for me

I was very disappointed with the Amex news, just after I’d upgraded to Metal but I thought I’d stick it out as I was promised four months of free Metal as I’ve been a beta tester.
Then my card was charged £14.99 for the Metal membership, despite being a beta tester.
Ten days later, said Metal card has still failed to arrive.
This morning I go to open the app to change cards to make a payment and it’s logged me out. I go to login and it tries to ‘migrate’ my account which then fails so I can’t even change my payment card now and it’s stuck on my old Amex account which has about £12 left in it.

Yes, I have tried contacting support and no I’ve not heard anything from my multiple enquiries.

I think that’s it for me with Curve. I’ve stuck with it and given the company the benefit of the doubt but what a mess.


Presume you’ve deleted the app etc I lost my account/app for 10 days so I was really … off but percivered just feel they have pushed it out far too early to all and sundry as having problems of some sort all the time I though the idea of beta was to iron out problems before releasing the app to all. Surprised at you Curve… Bad move.
I kept messing with test flight app and normal curve app working at the moment on beta app. I rang them in the end. Good luck with it.

Only thing I can say is that it was made pretty clear that you will be charged for month 1 of Metal as beta tester, then receive 4 months free, and be charged one more time before you can cancel (6 months minimum contract). So, you get 6 months for £30 or nothing.

Because of the Amex change, you now have Metal essentially for free until Feb 25, but that is your cancellation deadline because after that it is 6 months minimum as described above.

For all your other points, yeah, it sucks. Seems Curve bit off more than it could chew and are running way behind on support issues. I would try removing all Curve apps (including the “Crashlitics Beta” app) and install fresh from the Play Store. Can’t blame you for being annoyed though.

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That’s my mistake then re: the free months, I missed that bit! Thanks for filling me in.

Tempted to wait it out and see if things get better as I won’t be paying for metal for a while but it’s hard to trust Curve as it stands.


Yeah this is my dilemma too. Do I take the 6 months for £30 with no idea what what features will or will not he included, or do I cut my losses and be grandfathered to the original black? Decisions decisions! Hopefully we know more before the 25th of Feb deadline.

You’re able to be grandfathered to original black even if you’re metal now, which is a good thing they’ve done.

I’d stick it out, you know what they say… good things come to those who wait

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Could you link me to where this is confirmed? I can’t find it in the FAQ.

I upgraded to Black well before the new subscription announcements. When the announcement was made, I upgraded to Metal. Last information I got was that I cannot be grandfathered unless I cancel my Metal subscription under the cooling-off period.

Are you saying I can be grandfathered after I have spend 6 months with Metal? Because last I heard this was not the case?