The most unreliable service EVER!

I’ve been a Curve card early adopter and invested my time to check if the product will develop into something convenient. I had a lot of issues and submitted a lot of bug reports that I believe helped Curve to grow.

But what happened recently makes me feel uncomfortable and I can’t rely on Curve anymore.

A while ago I’ve got a message that my card is blocked. They claim that as I used it for only one type of transaction (I used the Curve card for rent a car mainly) and I need to pass through another verification process and explain why I use the Curve card for rent a car only, not for general transactions (I tend to use my Amex card)

It has been several weeks since my card was blocked, I provided all the necessary information, and now my account is in limbo. I need to cancel a recent transaction, but since my card is blocked, I am not sure if I will get my money back to my original card.

I’m chasing customer support for several weeks with no success.

It’s ridiculous.

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Hey there,

Welcome to the Curve Community.

The best and fastest way to get in contact with the customer support is open a support ticket and then replying with “emergency”. (Abusing this may get you blocked)

If you receive a refund from a merchant for one of your transactions it will be send back to your original card since curve is not holding customer funds from what i know.

If you need to raise a chargeback:

The Curve Community is not for support. We are here to help if you have questions or issues with the Curve app.

I’d also recommend reaching out to Curve on Twitter (@AskCurve) if you’re not having luck with support tickets.