The payment has not been returned (PayPal)

Hello,Im metal card,and I have done a payment by paypal with curve card,and it ha been declined,but it has been charged.
I have talked with paypal and the charged has been rejected. and they said the payment in curve will be erased or returned,but it has beed paid.
So,the payment in paypal has been returned,but it has been paid in curve

Hello @jjmontoliu,

whenever you make a transaction with your Curve Card, Curve charges your selected card instantly with the amount needed to complete the transaction.

In case a transaction was unsucessfully and/or Curve receives the funds back from the Merchant then Curve will refund/cancel the transaction.

Please allow PayPal up to 14-30 days to send the charged amount back to Curve so Curve can refund the transaction.

Thanks,but paypal told me the refund has been done immediately and i cant see the transaction in paypal ,so it has been done,so…how many time have i to wait ti receive it?..or can i decñine it in my bank?

It can take between 1-14 days usually until a refund arrives. PayPal refunds never came instantly back to my card when i got a refund, always took 2-3 weeks.

I recommend you to contact the Curve Support after 14 days are over. So they can check. Also you should ask PayPal for an ARN.

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