The possibility to add gym Card, loyalty cards etc in Curve

It would be great if we really could have just 2 cards in the wallet, AMEX :wink: and my Curve card) but today the situation is completely different, I am having my gym card, my loyalty bonus cards (5 of them) and my public transportation card. It would be great if I could add these cards in Curve app instead and then use my curve card. Right now TUMI-wallet does not fit the cards I need in my everyday life :frowning:


I quite like this idea. No idea how it would work on a technical level, but it would be great if Curve could somehow integrate with companies like Tesco (Clubcard) and B&Q etc. However in the case of B&Q for example, the way they are transacted at B&Q is by scanning a bar code. B&Q’s own systems wouldn’t be able to accept NFC for example. Perhaps the app can display the bar code for you for them to scan? That would be one step closer to Curve really being the one and only card you need to carry.

Either way, turn this post into a vote-able one and if it gains enough votes, you might pull the attention of Curve.

N00B question but how do you change it to be votable post :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that! =)

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That sucks, here in Sweden it is usually NFC technic for some cards (gym card) or that you are able to put in your personal number (similar to social security number) to get the loyalty card activated when you are buying something.

New metal user… when my friend “sold me” on the Curve card he had told me that it “combined all my rewards cards” into one…

What I heard was “all of the various shops and silly rewards programs” that are a simple barcode or a number would be centralized.

So, I suggest a cool option that would be to store infrequently used rewards programs in app and then we can tips all these cards in the trash… and save my friends reputation :wink:

Scan the front and back and store the image and any relevant notes.

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I know Curve are already working on a solution for this. I’m not sure about release dates but safe to say it’s in their roadmap! :slight_smile:

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It would also be nice if you could designate a card to pay at a particular merchant. I.e MONZO and automatically scan my Clubcard too so I can get points.

Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet is available in Beta and will be released soon