The usage of the Curve card is not plausible to me

Hi, I have the curve card now for over a week. For me it is useless because you cannot transfer money onto it as like others offer this. And what for can I use the account with strange credit cards, they do not match with the Curve card as well!!! The chat also has ignored my questions so far. Curve looks stupid to me, gotten?!

Interesting complaint… :frowning:


Your comment suggests that you have misunderstood Curve’s purpose. Why would you want to charge an underlying card prematurely and hold money in Curve instead of charging the underlying card at the time of expenditure?

It’s not clear what you are trying to say.


I do not understand your answers. I cannot pay with the card and cannot load it. How can I load it with money, too difficult for you to answer?? It does not work, that is why, so useless to me! What is the the purpose of Curve by the way???

You don’t need to pre-load Curve with funds before you can use it. When you make a purchase with your Curve card (where Curve acts as a card issuer), Curve (acting as a merchant) will immediately charge your underlying credit card of your choice. There are many advantages of fronting your underlying credit card with Curve:

  • The merchant will see Curve as a debit card, even if you fund it with a credit card. This means you can use points-earning credit cards to pay at merchants that accept only debit cards.
  • Curve supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, even if the underlying credit card does not.
  • If you select the wrong underlying card before a transaction, you can change it after a transaction (“go back in time”).
  • Fee-free FX (only during FX market trading hours) even if the underlying credit card charges for FX.

Other people will list other benefits, but these are the ones that I personally value.


I think we need to make it more simple:
Curve is not a prepaid card or a card that is linked to an account.
Instead you pay with your Curve card and Curve charges your underlying card that you have from another bank.

Aka Curve is a middleman


Right, but why do you release a special plastic credit card with a own number if it is not for payments? By the way, I want to have my account as soon as possible.

It is for payments. But you seem confused about how those payments are funded. See above for clarification.


Since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account, neither can we activate accounts.


Don’t sign up for a product that you have no use for it.
If you want to have a fintech Bank Account with a debit card included, chose another fintech, Curve is not for you.
Curve offers features as go back in time, 1 card for all, … that other cards don’t have.


You don’t preload the card.

You use curve card and it charges the underlying card.


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