There is no curve cash card after registration

so my friend signed up with my refferal code and he didnt have curve cash card. and i cant send money to him by curve send because it creates link to receive money while he already signed up with this phone number to curve. funny fact its that he can send money by curve send to me. i’ve tried with my brother, he creates new account anf didnt have curve cash card after adding and verifing his bank card.

UPDATE: finally it goes by curve send to my freshly registered friend but since there is no curve cash card my friend get only option to accept this money to his bank card. BUT THIS OPTION IS DISABLED AS WE ALL KNOW! so he cant get this money. why there is no info about changes? now you cant send money to unregistered people because they wont get it after registration.

Strange. I suppose your friend then also did not get the option to select his cashback retailers?

yes. after registration there is no option to choose cashback retailers because there is no curve cash card. you have only one card which you have added at registration process. i’ve read at local forum in my country that everybody who registers today had the same problem and they dont have curve cash card.