Thinking to upgrade

So I was thinking to do the upgrade from Blue to Black, have just one thing not clear. If after a couple of months I see no advantages can I go back to blue or there is a mandatory one year kind of contract ? Is not clear to me .

As per the terms, there is no minimum period for Black.


@Malik Thanks a lot for the answer. Is Black a good thing to have or the advantages compared to blue are not worth it ? Just need to make up my mind

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I guess it all depends on how much you use it. I am a quite active and avid user myself, but I would be hard pressed to pay €10 per month for the black subscription. I did pay once, for the black legacy card, the one off £50 fee. That was good value but I do not currently see enough value, as compared to just bringing the underlying card along to pay with directly, to make it worth the ten euros per month.