This Card Cannot Be Verified

Good Evening ,
Having battled all day with this , i admit defeat … here goes …
Downloaded app
Created account
Added Virgin money Mastercard as my first card
Micro charge notice
Enter CCV
Try again
Same Message
Select Cancel
Same message
Screen stuck at this verification option.
Please tell me how to get out of this screen , and how to delete the card i cannot verify !
Many thanks ,

Do you need to go into the Virgin app to authorise the micro charge?

Hi Andy ,
No transaction to authorise i’m afraid …

That’s a shame Russ. The only way that I know of to delete the card is to add another one and then go back and delete the original. If you have only one card you won’t be able to delete it.
You can always contact Support but to be honest they aren’t terribly quick.

Hi Andy ,

Thanks for the replies , appreciate your help on this issue.

As i a stuck in the verification screen i suppose i could delete the app and
re install to add another card … would that be an option ?.

Hi Russ, No worries. I guess as the app is stuck then that would be your best option. That’s what I would try to be honest.

Ehi @RussCo, welcome to the community! :smiley:

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you! It’s best to get in touch with the support team through email ( or Twitter DM “AskCurve” so they can take a look!

Do you have online payments enabled on your Virgin money Mastercard?

Hi Russ,

It sounds like Virgin Money might be blocking the verification transaction.
If you contact them and ask them to unblock Curve hopefully it should solve your issue.

If that does not work please let us know and we can try look into it for you :rocket:


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