Thoughts on Curve Metal Amex

Anyone had a good experience with Curve Metal?

I am really finding it hard to say that is has been worth the Money so far. It seems like the Amex integration is more of a workaround than an integration?

When I saw it was auto top up I thought that if i was buying something for £90 and i have £50 in my Amex wallet then it would top up £40? I know that there is going to be fees that curve have to pay to Amex for transaction fees but that’s why I assume that they were charging for Amex integration.

It will become more apparent when I keep using it how annoying it is but I am just worried that one month I might not have the money to cover the funds on my amex if it automatically tops up £100 when I spend £101 one month.

I feel like this function should at least have a withdraw feature so that it is possible to put the funds back onto the Amex.

I tested something on my Amex wallet yesterday - It’ll send whatever’s in your Amex wallet back to your card if you remove that Amex card from Curve. I guess you can then add it again… not really a work around I know! … hopefully things will improve with auto-popup.

I guess if you know how much you’re going to spend, then you can manual top up and then use Curve with that Amex wallet. Not exactly ideal at the checkout in Tesco’s “hang on a sec, I’ve just got to top up my Amex Wallet…”! :wink:

I believe it is a workaround that Curve has devised in partnership with Amex to have the return of Amex cards to their platform.

I would assume the normal card process isn’t in compliance with Amex’s processing agreement, although I’m not sure why. Amex does like to have a direct relationship with the merchant so I think that plays into it to a degree. Level 3 data from merchants is another aspect to be considered.

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