Time frame for successfully using referrals

I understand there will be a change in the referral system as of June 22nd. Like now, Curve Cash points will be pending on the Curve Cash card until the person using a referral link has made his/her first transaction. And the signup bonus will only be given when a transaction is made within 7 days of entering the code.


Now, of course I do understand there needs to be a limitation to this time frame, though there’s a couple of things that will make me less motivated to refer friends any longer. They both have to do with location.

First of all, in my experience it takes quite some time nowadays for the mail to get from the U.K. to any other country in Europe. This transit time takes a large bite out of the 7-day time frame for a new user to actually activate and use the card.

Second, I am residing in the Netherlands (but this issue also goes for Belgium, Germany, France and other mainland Europe countries). Credit cards are less widely accepted and used here when compared to, for instance, the U.K… So even if the new Curve card gets here in time, it’s quite unlikely that it will be used right away, or at least in the first couple of days.

I’m not really looking forward to urge my friends into any rush to order, activate and use their new card within 7 days…


7 days from applying seems a very tight timeframe, even within the UK! From activating the card I could see, but from ordering won’t give you long at all.

@Curve_Marie and chance this could be tweaked a bit? Otherwise I can’t see many people making referrals.

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Hey, we’re working on ways to shorten the amount of time it takes for our new customers to make their first transactions, so the 7-days won’t be a stretch.

We understand that referrals are important to our customers, so we’ll ensure that none lose out from this change. More info will come in a future Monthly Product Update.


I saw the new sign up bonus rule which gives us only 7 days to get 5£ after using the referral code/link. Your web page states this rule applies from June 22nd. My question is: does this mean this 7 day limitation applies only to those who will be signing up and using referral code/link on June 22nd and later, or does it applies to those who signed up and used referral code prior to that date, but their 7 day period expires on June 22nd or later? (In other words, does it applies to those who signed up and used referral code starting from June 15th?)

I’m sorry but 7 days is totally unrealistic, whether the customer is in the UK or elsewhere.

Even if Curve are speeding up the card issuing process, the mail at the moment is taking extended periods of time to be delivered - both within the UK and overseas.

Even if we weren’t living in exceptional times, 7 days would still be stretch - you just need to remember how long it took cards to be received when Curve ran the Legacy/Free Black offer.


7 days is too little and to ”start the counter” from June 22nd when the Wirecard debacle actually went down and the system was totally unavailable between Friday June 26th and Sunday June28th.

As a bare minimum, at least one week from July 1st should be applied to all existing referrals!


They never said the card will need to be issued and shipped! :smiley:
Now we know that “shorten the amount of time” means generating an instantly available virtual card :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I suspected Curve would suggest digital cards, though they are of very limited use to those with phones which don’t support NFC (mine doesn’t for instance)…

Curve also appear to be willing to limit their potential market due to introducing a charge for a physical Blue card to be shipped.

Still free with the referral bonus.

Would be quite easy to top up your Amazon account though with the virtual card to trigger the bonus?

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Depends on who you are referring. I know the last person I did, doesn’t have a Amazon account for instance…