Time to re-issue my card?

Hey there!

My curve blue card is about to expire in July. Now I am considering ordering a metal plan.

Not sure if I should order it now or? If I wait till a new card is issued, when will it be sent out?
If I order a new metal card, should I order it now, so that I can have the new card expiring date for 3 years, and not need to care about the re-issuing(the new blue card can’t be used anyway)?

And now I am in a foreign country…Not sure if it is convenient to order it to my home, and let my parents send it to me, or let curve send it via DHL overseas?

And also I guess it is much better to order the 150 euro plan than a monthly charged 15 euro plan, right? Not sure how it charges…I can define one card to charge?

Many thanks!

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Hello @hstk007,

You can already subscribe to the metal plan and use the old card until the new metal card arrives.

If you subscribe to the monthly plan there is a minimum of 6 months of commitment otherwise you will get charged for the metal card.

Curve will ship the card to your home address which is linked in your Curve account. If your parents ship it to you then they can do it.

You select the card which will be charged and then Curve will charge it once if you select the yearly plan or each month if you select the monthly plan. The 150 EUR plan is cheaper^^.

Thank you. But the old card will have the metal plan or not? And can I keep using it till it expires? And the new metal card will have a new number or keep the old number, please?

If I don’t change it, when will curve send my new blue card out before the old card expires? And then I order the metal card, will I have 2 cards that can be both used?

Not sure if curve can send the card overseas. That would be very convenient.

Yes true. I guess I can pay 150 euros as long as the curve fronted plan keeps free for metal. If not I have to downgrade. Will the card number remain the same then? Many thanks

If I want to downgrade

You should already get access to metal features but LoungeKey is probably linked to the metal card.
You can keep using the old card until you receive the metal card and activate it in app.
Not guaranteed if the number changes.

You can use the old card until it expires or you activate the new shiny metal card in app once you upgrade. You cannot use both cards^^, old one will deactivate once the new one is activated.
If you don’t upgrade you should receive a new card just-in-time when your old one expires. If not contact the support.

Probably not, but you can ask the customer service team support@curve.com.

Many thanks, LoungeKey thing is weird…I have to pay 20 gbp to get access to it for once…I would rather choose PPS…

That’s great! Then I don’t have to wait for the new card while the old card expires.

So I guess if I don’t change the plan, the new blue card should be mailed out in the first few days of July. My card expires in July. So if now I am abroad, I should book metal before at least 30 days for forwarding my card.

And If I need to downgrade after 1 year…will the card number stays the same? Thanks!

I guess both metal and blue cards expire in 3 years.

My old blue card expires now in May, and the replacement card was issued on 16th April, so a new standard card (it’s not blue anymore, by the way) should be sent around the middle of June if you stay on the free plan.
From what I have read around here, the card number will change when you switch plans. I haven’t tried Black or Metal myself.
My new card expires in 3 years, and it’s probably the same for metal cards.

Thanks!So it takes about 1.5 months in advance to send out a new card before it totally expires? When did u receive it please?

Yes and card color changes into red and white?

Does the new card changes its card number and CVV? But I guess we can see that immediately on the APP, so it just doesn’t matter if you do the trades online.

I do hope that they can send the card overseas and I guess they want you to confirm your shipping address before it mailed out a new card, right?


The expected delivery of my card was 26th April. That didn’t happen, and I had to request another card. That’s not the normal case though, but I guess it’s a reason to send out replacement cards a bit early.
You can see the new standard card design on https://www.curve.com/
My card got a new number, but that’s because my old card has a UK BIN, and the new cards are issued with country specific BIN (I live in Sweden). But if your home address is in the UK, I think your new card will have the same number, but new CVC. When you get a replacement card due to expiration, you will want to keep using the old card until the new card arrives, so you don’t activate the new card. The CVC and expiry of the old card will then still be valid also for online use.
They did ask me to update my address if there was any change about 2 weeks before sending the new card. The email I got also said this:

Want your card sent to a different country?
You won’t be able to change country in the app, but get in touch via the in-app chat or submit a request form and we will sort it out from there.

Were you charged £5 for your replacement card? Mine is expiring in July and I want to make sure that I don’t get charged for a replacement card that time expired.

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My card expires soon
If your Curve Card expires soon, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping address. Once confirmed, we’ll automatically reissue your Curve Card for free.

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No, there was no charge for the replacement card. (Neither for the first card, nor the second card that was sent after I reported the first one as lost in the post.)


Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Many thanks! Not sure if I should apply for a metal card now. As my old card will expire in July this year, The new metal card will expire also in July, or from the day I apply? As it will expire in May 2025?

And I can’t choose the blue metal color, In the app, I can only see rose pink or black? My location is in France.

Thank you!

Hey @hstk007, we no longer have our Blue Metal cards available as part of our gradual change to our rebranded cards. We started this change over by releasing the Black Metal card.

Each time you’re issued a new card the expiry date will be updated to match so you can upgrade at any time without having to worry about having a nearer expiry! :grin:

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yes, I just wonder if I order the new metal card now, will it be expired in July or May, please? as my old card expires in July

XD oh no I love the blue design of the metal card

You will start using metal benefits immediately you upgrade. The new card will have a different number and different expiry date.
Old card will stop working about 14 days from when new card is activated and about 28 days (no sure about exact number of days) from when new card is sent out.

They will only send to the address on your account.

New number will be given.

You choose colour at time of subscription

This is true.

3 years from date of issue

I see, thanks! So it will expire in May 2025, if I apply for metal now? rather than July 2025?

So sad that there’s no option for blue metal…

also another question, I wonder if curve fronted 10k euro limit monthly is for per calender month, or 30 days rolling time, please? Many thanks!

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