Timeback transactions

I have unusual situation. My card issuer terminated cards due security reasons. All card refunds will be rejected, as they explained me. They suggest me use new card or other ways to get my refunds.
I need associate all my transactions made by old cards with new card.
How Curve can help me? I sent my request via chat more than 7 days ago but still no attention.

That’s silly. You should get all refunds without any issue.

No, WISE replied me that all transactions will be rejected.

Yes, every purchases will be, but you’re talking about refunds.

Their respond = no any refunds allowed

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Refund is not a transfer, but she is talking about a deactivated account not just a card (or cards). In this case it’s not gonna work.

I understand. But almost impossible explain it to support. They uses standard copy-pasted messages for responds and don’t want even try understand

So, did they deactivate your whole account or only the card(s)?