Timeline display - incorrect value

Just spent £1,099 at a retailer and it shows up as £1.0K in the timeline.

This is a known issue as Curve chops off any digits after the first 2 decimal places. No fix time available yet.

I have different values.

  • In timeline at the top it says… £150.74 LAST WEEK.

  • When I select the filter and choose “this week” date range I get £150.74. So is this LAST WEEK or THIS WEEK?

  • If I choose the custom date range being 13/4 to 15/4 (today) i.e. THIS WEEK, I get £122.99.

  • If I choose the custom date range being 6/4 to 12/4 (LAST WEEK) I get £159.64.

It is all so confusing. Anyone any ideas please?

Timeline seems to be broken for me too. It is shifted one week forward. I.e this week’s spend shows as last week, last weeks spend shows as 2 weeks ago.

If you scroll back to week of 30th March in timeline, your total should say £159.64, which is actually your spend for the week of 6th April. :man_facepalming:t5: