Timeline Search, Filter & Share Icons Dissapear

I am unable to use any of the search, filter or share functions, shown at the top right of the timeline screen. When I select any of them, or when I scroll, the icons disappear.

I last used the search function successfully about 2 weeks ago.

Huawei Honor 10.
Android 9

Curve version 2.15.2


Not with me either

Huawei P20 Lite
Android 9

I also didn’t have search function in timeline on 2.15.2 but got an app update this morning to 2.15.3 and can search timeline again. Make sure you’re up to date and hopefully it fixes it for you too.

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There’s no update currently showing as available - hopfully this should show up soon.

Update resolved! 2.15.3

All sorted for me too now, update to 2.15.3 resolved this.

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