Top up curve rewards card

Not the best solution. Excuse me will you put 57p on that card. Then I fiddle around with my phone before giving them the exact same card back and saying will you put the other £24.37 on that card


Can you explain the problem for the thick people amongst us (me :roll_eyes:), please?

I am just saying asking the shop to split the bill across multiple cards is not as elegant a solution as just being able to top up my rewrds card so it covers the whole bill


Honestly thought you were asking this question to curve at first :joy:…I can certainly see why people might want the option to do this.

Imagine you’ve been saving your reward points and have £97.50. There is something you’ve had your eye in for a while which is now on sale for £100 with a whopping third off (goes back to full price tomorrow) so you really want to buy it whilst it’s at such a good price. You can only afford it if you use your reward points. Not all retailers will allow you to split payments across two cards (or two payments with the same card I.e. curve). Often they will only split cash and card. Being able to top up your reward points or Curve implementing something that allows payments you make with curve to be split across two (or more) payment methods would solve this problem. I know I’ve been critical of curve on here at times but if they can enable go back in time I can’t see why they couldn’t do something with this.

Clearly a made up scenario, but something like this could be a reality for people at some point.

I note you say you can’t see how it could be done and whilst that may be the case now, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be something they implement in the future. When it comes to tech something that can’t be done today is a solution waiting to be implemented. They could do reward point packages where you buy reward points in the app to increase your points balance.

@HonestSausage why don’t you raise this as an idea for people to vote on. Not sure if it will get enough votes to make it viable but worth a go. I would vote for it as will always appreciate more options being available to me.


Thanks @bells
A nicely crafted example - and I get it now. Having never utilised the reward points I was understandably ignorant of the issue. Now I’m with it :grinning:.

And now that I’m with it - I agree.

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:+1: thanks @Graham

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You can easily top up your Amazon account with amount you need to use your Curve reward account.
Then it will automatically used on your next Amazon order :wink:


Personally I’d like to see a ‘backup’ funding card for Rewards transactions. I got caught out when I first had the card as I’d forgotten to switch it away from rewards to another card and it ended up being declined. It would be nice if the Reward card is selected it would just use that first then if the charge was too high push the balance across onto the default/backup funding card.


Well, that would fix it ! Job done.:grinning:

I just raised a “similar” point. It would be good if you could spend your Curve Cash and have the balance automatically taken from another (default) card.


We do not have the option to top up the Rewards card as on this card you are supposed to only receive cashback or referral points. However, I do understand the reason why that would be helpful.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions! We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers and maybe there is something they can do in the future. :wink:

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I’ve always just topped up starling or amazon with the exact amount.

However, it fails if there’s a £1 card preauthorisation, such as for Google Pay, because the balance is then not enough.

It would be easier if Curve just paid this to a bank account…

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We had a few customers sharing the same opinion about the Rewards card. There is another similar topic opened about this here :point_right: Default payment method Check it out and vote it if you would find it useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most large retailers (Boots, Tesco, Sainsburys et al) will split payments between cards if you ask them to. I know I did it in Boots a couple of weeks ago using what was left on a love to shop giftcard and my curve card and there was no problem and no questions asked.

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@adamski I agree that some will (as I have done so in the past) but not all. I would challenge your statement of ‘most will’ as I’m assuming you haven’t tried every retailer to verify that the majority will (I.e. over 50%) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also don’t confuse splitting a payment between a love 2 shop card and a debit/credit card as they are effectively a gift card (usually treated as such) and I have never come across a store that wouldn’t allow you to pay part with a gift card and the balance with another payment card.

Argos for example allow that, but they don’t allow you to split payment across two debit/credit cards.

Not sure I understand the purpose of your reply though as at the end of the day my original post simply said ‘not all retailers will allow this’ which is factually correct. That being the case there would be a benefit to some of having the suggested feature enabled in the future. Personally I may never use it, but having the option is better than not…

Would certainly suggest that how Curve Cash is used could be enhanced. Rather than selecting the Curve Cash account as the payment account, an option to “Use Curve Cash on my next purchase” could be provided. The retailer would submit the request for the full amount against Curve, then Curve is responsible for splitting the transaction, in the above example, 97.50 would be deducted from the Curve Cash account, with 2.50 being charged to the default payment card. Definitely worth logging as an enhancement…


How would I split my tesco online bill or any other online purchase across multiple cards?

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How do you use it to top up starling?

Use Settle Up!

It’s designed to request payments from other people, but you can just use your own link.

In the Starling app, go to Payments, Request payment, then “Tap to copy” the link and paste into a browser.

That’s great. Thank you.