Topping up a revolut card using Curve

I have been using my Curve card to top up a Revolut account for a long time now, and the underlying credit card has always considered this to be a purchase. Since December, however, this has changed. On 17th I topped up my Revolut account with £200 and was not charged a fee by my credit card provider, but on 19th I was.

Curve Support say " Revolut has sent them with the MCC 6012 (Merchandise and Services - Customer Financial Institution). On the last transaction you made with them, they sent it with the MCC 4829 (Money Transfer)"

Revolut Customer Services, on the other hand say “Revolut is mostly recognized by 4829 and 6012, it also not up to us what is showing in the user’s bank account, it also depends on the VISA/ Mastercard database”.

So, I am being charged, when I wasn’t previously, and Curve nor Revolut can help.

Any ideas how I can avoid the charges?

I’ve seen a number of reports on Head for Points that Revolut have changed their MCC, however it seems to vary a bit by customer. Not sure there’s much you can do about it unfortunately.

Many thanks - So it is definitely Revolut’s actions, not Curve that is causing this, is it?

Greedy banks. On what justifications they charge a fee? Topping up is not ATM withdrawal, they should not charge.

Did you top up via Google Pay by any chance? AFAIK, Revolut top ups via Apple/Google Pay have always been 4829.

No - used Curve to top up Revolut (underlying card on Curve was a credit card)

I top up my Revolut account directly from my credit card account, not via Curve and have never been charged a fee.

Curve will not change the MCC of an incoming transaction, they will pass on the same MCC to the underlying card.

That might be the case for this transaction, but certainly not for all transactions :point_down:t2:

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Just be aware for many that changed in mid Dec. Seems to vary by credit card and by Revolut user though

On my credit card statements it shows the codes 2046 or 2399 for Revolut transfers. What do these codes represent?

Mine show 4141
And i user curve too

To be clear, we are talking about the merchant category code (MCC) here, not the number in the statement line (e.g. Revolut*1234*). Most banks won’t tell you the MCC but some do.

Lucas, unfortunately your statement is not true. We would all love Curve to pass on same MCC codes, but we know this is not the case today. MCC codes DO change, this is admitted by Curve.

We all will be charged extra fees, will keep losing cash back until Curve discloses the list of MCCs they change. I have another topic where some changes are collected, check it here.

Here is another proof point. Same transaction, same day, same POS terminal, same underlying card, same amount but guess what’s different, yes the MCC codes.

MCC 5542 is Automated Fuel Dispensers, why do you need to recategorize it to MCC 8999 Professional Services ( Not Elsewhere Defined)? I would not call this as more general category, but totally different.


This is a big issue, especially since Curve touts it’s financial engine (essentially a remapping/switching rule system) and have material stating that it passes along the merchant MCC, but clearly this is not correct in practice, and even then not consistent across time.
This needs to be addressed, and even then I can see the card schemes not appreciating this, as even changing an MCC can affect your dispute rights based on how you paid for something!

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For new visitors, my above post is a response to the below post, which has been removed:

are you still seeing this behavior? For me, when I top up from the card directly, it comes in as a purchase but when I did it through curve, it was considered cash advance by my bank

I haven’t tried topping up my Revolut account for ages - I have stopped using it due to these charges.
I would like to start using it again though - but I don’t want to pay.

I’m thinking about setting an extremely low limit for cash advance on my cards and try topping up over that limit and see what happens

I’d do that if it was just a % charge on the card - but all mine add a fee as well!