Topup Curve to Monese - part 2

Not sure why the last thread was closed

I don’t think it’s because Curve is prepaid. I’ve topped up Monese with Revolut, which is also prepaid.

Monese does always require a 3DS code though, which requires you to go into the Revolut app to confirm the transaction. I suspect this is where it’s going wrong with Curve.

Curve doesn’t support 3DS so I think that might be your answer :slight_smile:

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I just did it with my Monese card a few days ago with no problem

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Maybe its not working with older generation Curve prepaid cards and working with current ones (debit). I can’t test it myself as I dont have Monese (yet).

I have the metal…

I wonder if Monese sometimes doesn’t ask for a 3DS confirmation, so it will be a bit hit and miss with Curve.

The problem being that often you’re asked for confirmation the first time you use a card with a new merchant, so it may be impossible for some to top up with Curve.

That was my first top up as I’m new with Monese, in fact. It was just my first loading, I’m still waiting for the card.


I’ve topped up Monese with Curve about half a dozen times now and never had any issue. My card is not one of the new vertical ones, it’s the previous horizontal design. I believe it’s prepaid

Edit: I’m talking about the Monese card. I don’t think it affects how the Monese account works

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Anyone having trouble with this now? I’ve used my curve to top up monese last couple of months, the car hire company i use every month have stopped taking card payment! Has to be bank transfer now. And was a good way of doing it. But tried to top up tonight and it just fails?

Just did a top up a few days ago and it also failed, tough it went through fine when re trying minutes later. Monese recently sent out an email suggesting they were changing some backend stuff when it comes to account numbers and IBANs. Maybe it’s related

Very unreliable for me as well.
I top up with Revolut now instead, which works every time

You top up from Curve to Revolut? @Gaoler

Possibly, will try again tomorrow!

No, but I use the same (underlying) cards for both.

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