Trainline - corporate card fee

I’ve just changed my rewards to include the trainline.

Just booked a ticket today and noticed a “corporate card fee”.

The fee is actually more than the reward I’m given!!!

What is the fee and since when is curve a corporate card.

So now I’ve changed to something that’s totally useless for me.

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Check this topic :point_up_2:t2:

Since (I assume) yours has Commercial on the back. :point_down:t2:

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I’ve reported this to Curve and want to move off the Trainline reward. I was never advised that the card charges would be more than the reward itself. On cheaper tickets it’s total counter-productive to use Curve.

I get 2% cashback on Revolut using Trainline (although you need to be Premium). Sometimes Amex gives out cashback on Trainline as well.

Just ask Curve to give you to a consumer card and try again with it. Then you won’t get charged the corporate fee.

But obviously, if I was still with Curve I wouldn’t use the Curve card for Trainline as I get better cashback elsewhere

What is the difference between consumer and commercial card?

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Thanks for the link. I think I’ll swap.

Even with a normal (non commercial) card the fee from train line is higher than cashback

Yes but that card does not have a specific card fee.

Yes the commercial card has a higher fee, but trainline charges a 2% fee for any card. So it’s cheaper to just buy from the train stations!

I understand that but the convenience of purchasing via the app far outweighs buying at a station.

All I want is for my payment methods to be in parity and not for Curve to be more expensive than say Apple Pay which I used before.

On the point about train tickets, I use because (unlike Train Line) they use the conapt of Split Ticketing, so you can sometimes get cheaper tickets than you otherwise would. Other times I’ll also just buy direct from the operator, for example buying direct with LNER makes it easier to select the right seat (which is good you’re going first class and want those single seats) and sometimes you get other benefits from booking direct.

On a more general note about the card types, if I understand the regulations correctly, isn’t it the case that merchants aren’t allowed to charge customers different rates or extra fees for using a specific payment types. My understanding is that if a merchant is willing to accept a specific type of payment they must absorb all fees and not discriminate between other types.

The latest Trainline update for iOS actually automatically splits tickets :wink:

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Oh that’s handy

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