Transaction Authorization Number


I received an email after making a transaction on a clothing website asking for the Transaction Authorization number in order to process my order or it will be cancelled in 48 hours. I contacted Curve customer service through chat but no answer. Is there any other way to reach Curve?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Have you contacted Curve via the following email address or via the Curve application of itself?

You can also try via their Twitter page @AskCurve as I’ve seen users get help via that as well.

Alternatively you can use the support page on the Curve website to send a message to Customer Services.

Thanks for your question.

Hello and thank you for your reply.

I have contacted them everywhere. Still no response. To be honest, this is outrageous having to beg everywhere to get an answer from your “bank” and I’ve been a Black card member for more than a year.

A litle off topic but what kind of websites asks for such information? If they processed the payment they should have every detail they need, why do they ask that from you?

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They said the transaction was suspicious, so they’re taking security measures to prevent someone else from using my card. Maybe it was flagged because I’m abroad.
Anyway, still no response from Curve, so the order got cancelled and now I have to make sure the money gets back to my account since I was charged by Curve for the whole amount of the order.