Transaction data in Curve

Hope so this isn’t a wrong forum to ask this. If it is, I’m sorry and you can close this thread.

So, in curve have this option that you can download all your transaction data as csv.

My simple question is that how you have “rolling” your transaction data for example in Excel to get it in a sensible form? Because, when I download it and put in excel, all the data are closely together for example: “csv,2020-06-17,18:15:31…” I have used “text to column” -tool to separate data but have anyone else great tips because it still need a lot of manual work to target data under the right title.

My personal goal is to get this that kind of format that i can put my transaction data (excel) inside the power bi and take a deep dive to my transactions.

I apologize possible typos out there.

Have a great week, cheers!

Hey @Pac,

I just tested the export feature and opened the CSV file using Excel for Mac and this is how it looks like:

Is that the format you’re expecting?

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Yes! Definitely that’s what I’m looking for.

When I try to put data in excel it looks like this:

So what you did that you got it right away format like that?

CSV stands for comma separated values, so you have to ‘tell’ Excel that the comma is the separation value. There are multiple tutorials online how to do that, a link to one of them:


When you used text to columns, did you manually set the columns with fixed widths or did you use the comma delimiter function?

If you did the later it should have sorted itself out?

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Thank you all!

I will use google more in the future :smiley: I have usually just transform csv files to excel workbook’s so that was my first mistake.

Now it seems format which i want it so :blush:

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