Transaction declined but debited in bank


I made two payments in this weekend that were declined and later debited from my bank account.

Did someone else had the same problem? How I can get my money back?

Thanks a lot

This weekend has been really busy for the Curve team due to the Wirecard issue, so I am not surprised there will be some strange or directly wrong transactions. Drop an email to support ( and they will double check and fix quickly.

the same thing happened to me too

Yup, just tried to topup revolut, entered wrong postcode, Revolut declined it and the underlying card was charged. Hopefully they resolve this quickly

Are you sure it debited and not just reserved?

I called my bank (Santander) yesterday and they said it was debited. Yesterday payments were reserved in Santander/APP.

The payment for the 25th today has already been debited and is already on the bank statement.

The payment for the 28th is still reserved only. Usually takes 2/3 days.

hi…all my transitions are still being declined … I call my bank and they say that they see nothing…it is after the issue has been declared fixed… can you help me ?

I had 4 transactions in last days that were declined and they have been charged to my debit card from santander as I can see a retention for that same ammount at my santander account
I need call tomorrow to banco santander but they can’t reject the charge and I don’t know how to contact curve,they have no phone number to call

You can send an email to

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There is a phone number on the back of the card

Hello @sabagh, welcome to the community! :relieved:
It’s a known issue but unfortunately there is not much the community can do for you from here.

I recommend you to open a support ticket inside “help” section in-app or drop a message to explaining them your problem, they’ll be glad to help you! :wink:

The payment that was pending has already been canceled.

Only the payment for the 25th of June that was debited from my account is missing.

It was not from curve the charge but google

I’m wating yet :frowning:

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