Transaction declined but still charged

Hello there,

Today I tried to buy stuff on Amazon.
My Curve card is linked to my Crypto card.

Unfortunately (this is the first time) my transaction has been declined by Amazon (twice), but both transaction have been charged on my card.

I’ve sent an email to Curve customer support.
Could you please help me?


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Hello me the same, I contacted them with every way possible so that they fix it ASAP.
Also if you look closely you’ll see that Curve charged 2 times your backup card (at least it’s written).
And Curve the line didn’t appear at all with the main (CryptoCom) card even though it’s been charged… But the Merchant has not been paid (it happenned to my wife this morning at Lidl, she needed to pay with another physical classic Visa card). (Heureusement que c’est férié en France et pas en Angleterre)


Curve charged me the two declined transaction and the money was taken as you.

Thanks for the feedback. I contacted Curve using all available channels.

Unfortunately, without a physical customer services I sent mails and chatted with an useless bot.

I’m still waiting for a refound.


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The chat bot is to try give you topics to your query but I prefer the chat when it first launched cause it was instant

Hi @wbrowngala,

Thanks for your feedback.
Anyway, I don’t want change the focus of the topic speaking about bot chat.

I’ll like if a customer support could help me with my declined and charged transactions.

same for me. My linked card was charged 2 times , but the Amazon didn’t accept my payment.
I open a support ticket.


I also have a similar problem.

Transaction seen as declined by the merchant (Google) but charged successfully to my main card and my anti-embarassment card. Another transaction went through (theatre tickets) but it was also charged to my main card and my anti-embarassment card.

My main card works fine if used directly (as not through Curve) so the issue appears to be with Curve.

I guess this extra charges will disappear with time?

My bank removed the pre-authorizations but they also stated that Curve still has the right to finish the transaction and take the money. If that happens I need to do a chargeback request with my bank. They also confirmed that Curve has had similar issues recently. I still have the pre-authorizations visible on my other card.

A Curve staff member on this issue:

I can confirm that there was an increase in declines being experienced this morning.

This issue was fixed at 11.40 a.m so no more declines of this sort should be experienced. With the already declined transactions, where a change has still been experienced, a refund will have been immediately automatically processed. It may take between 1-5 working days for the refund to be processed by the underlying bank account, however.


No issue mentioned on the curve status which is showing curve never has issues but they do have them


Hey @wbrowngala, the reason for this is that our payment engineers need to programme our status page to detect the cause of any downtime/ an increase in declines. This means that some causes of declines can’t be detected if the status page hasn’t been prepared for the particular issue.

With each new issue that’s detected, our status page can be improved and we’re thankful for the feedback used for this process in the meantime! :raised_hands:


Hi yes a refund on the main card (for instance CryptoCom) but also I hope they’ll erase the same transaction that has been doubled on my secondary anti-embarassment card. I’ve been charged Netflix on CryptoCom card (but no line appears about this) (And Netflix has not been paid by Curve then) and I’ve been charged Netflix at the same time but TWICE on the secondary card (Classic Visa) (lines appears in the Curve App). (not able to see it on my bank account because it’s Bank Holiday in France today).

In order not to suffer discontinuity of Netflix I had to pay directly with my CryptoCom Card this afternoon.


Hope they will fix everything.

no, they didn’t solve all of their problems, check my topic about gbit. one curve user in hungary tried to withdraw some money from an atm 1-2 hours ago, transaction was declined, underlying card was charged, as usual. so no, even if they say they fixed their issues, this is not the truth!

and still no refund for my 2 transactions…
Support ticket still opened…

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Me too… still not refunded for my 3 transactions(November 1) and support ticket opened 2 days ago.

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Support taking forever to reply since new system was used for it and getting reply’s at odd hours of the week and then wait for days then another reply

I still have 3 pending (failed) transactions on my account from 1 November. Actually 3 attempts at the same transaction.

Sent several messages via in-app chat but (of course) no response.

Fortunately N26 (underlying card) actually has customer services, so removed the items from my account.

It seems clear that Curve is on a downward spiral. I’ll be surprised if there isn’t some major announcement regarding its future pretty soon. In the meantime I’ve stopped using my card.

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Had the same thing and both transactions were charged to my account. Contacted the retailer and they said they tried to issue a refund but said that they get an error message… of course given Curve don’t have support I’ve basically out the money…

Do you receive your refunds ? because I don’t , and I opened 1 ticket two weeks ago without answer…

I recieved mine in 5 days after transaction.