Transaction declined

Hello. Faced a problem. I only use Curve to pay with my linked Binance card. So, I made a payment in a supermarket and was decline by Curve. The amount was 37 euros. But also in the Binance application, this money was deducted from me. I paid with another card. The curve did not allow this to be done, but nevertheless, the money was debited from the Binance account.

Do you have receipt with decline? If yes, send it to Curve support and ask your money back.

You are going to get the money back automatically within 7-10 days.

thank you. Binance told me the same thing. but why didn’t I manage to pay, considering that there was money in my account and they were even debited?..

It could be a network timeout or something like that. Unfortunately these things happen sometimes. You can check the error code on the POS receipt.