Transaction failed

I am using curve since Jan 2019. In last 7 months once my transaction was failed. But in last 1 week my transaction failed 3 times. Anyone else is also facing the same issue?

Every failed transaction in my history with Curve (~50 uses each month, I’m an early adopter black card legacy owner) had been due to an issue with the underlying/backend card not with the Curve card :

  • insufficient funds on the backend card
  • the transaction had to be “okayed” first (possible reasons: unusually high amount, first time from a different country, multiples of the same amount)

Hi @architectwaqas :wave: Welcome to our Community :grin:

It could be for various reasons, as @maxpower9000 said it’s possible it’s an issue with the underlying card as well. It’s really difficult to say though, we did have some intermittent outages with our payment processor during the weekend before last, but if the declines weren’t during this time then I would recommend contacting support at who can investigate it for you :male_detective:

@architectwaqas - did you get receipt(s) ? In receipt there should be reason why transaction did not go thru.

For me so far with Curve - 1 decline (with incorrect reason - not enough funds).