Transaction Hiding

It’d be great if Curve could implement the hiding of transactions (preferably this would carry across devices)

This could allow us to hide expenses that we don’t want to show others, for instance if I bought a gift for my girlfriend and I’m checking through my account in her presence, I might not want her to see my spending at

Another use case could be hiding small charges that are cluttering the feed (active card checks)


Hi Reechan,

This isn’t a feature that has been requested before, so we are very much interested to understand how you would see this working & how you would like to see this reflected in the app.

My first thought was being able to tap & hold a specific transaction to reveal a pop up menu with the option to ‘hide this transaction’. To bring these transactions back into view, there could be an option available in the filter button which could be toggled on and off.

What are you thoughts and what other use cases would you have for this?

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Sounds like a reasonable approach, @Curve_Ivo - Monzo offers a hide option when clicking on a transaction (handy for things like Uber auth), but AFAIK doesn’t offer a way to restore hidden transactions so this suggested approach sounds good.

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I was thinking it could be done in a similar way to the business stuff, where you swipe left on the transaction and tap.

As for the filter, that’s a great idea.

Mainly reducing clutter is my main goal as I’m very bad at seeing too much irrelevant information and then processing it all effectively.

This is a good idea as the functionality for this is already in the app, so it could be used for another purpose & I have forward your suggestion onto our Product Lead.

This isn’t something that is on our roadmap at the moment but please do keep the suggestions coming :smiley:


I would like to see this feature because I also use Curve to top up my cards and I don’t want to see those values on my insights since it wasn’t an amount I actually spent…